Walnut Garden

The 23 acre walnut garden is located in Krini Trikalon, in the Municipality of Farkadona, Greece, between Trikala (28 km east) and Larissa (35 km west). The location is lowland, on the slope of the northern hemispheres of the Municipality of Farkadona. A total of 310 Chandler-type Franghette walnuts and 135 other Cher types make up the walnut garden, with a sowing / reference year in 2014 for the first and 2019 for the second ones. Full production is expected in the first decade from the reference year.

The exact location of the walnut garden in Krini is located in the following map.

The coordinates are:

39°36’34.4″N 22°01’46.2″E

39.609561, 22.029486